Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A quick update...

Tomorrow is another appointment day for Amelia.  She will be getting her casts changed first and then we will head to Occupational Therapy on her hands.  We hope, as always, that the casting is not too hard on her.  I always dread it...  Last week she seemed to do better during the appointment than she had been (thank you for your prayers!), but she had a tough week.  The doctor tells us to expect fussiness 24 hours following the new casting, but the 24 hours passed and it's Tuesday night and it never seemed to really let up.  Most of the time she's good as long as she's being held, but there have been times when nothing worked...poor baby.  However, I have had wonderful friends come through for me this week to just play with the kids and hold Amelia for me too, if necessary.  Awesome!!!  :) 

We also met with a hand surgeon last week Friday.  We gained some new insight into the condition of her hands, which was great!  However, he didn't quite agree with the treatment Amelia is receiving at occupational therapy, so we will have to address that tomorrow.  Hopefully that goes well!  I will update you more in the next post.   

As always, thank you so very much for your prayers!  I keep receiving so many messages, notes and calls of encouragement, prayers and offers to help in some way...it's truly amazing!  I just look at Amelia and think how neat it will be to some day tell her how many people were praying for her; how very special!!! 

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