Wednesday, February 12, 2014

4 down, 6 to go!

Last Wednesday, cast #4 was put on.  The appointment itself went pretty good.  There were still tears, but it didn't seem as bad as last time.  I was so proud of our Amelia!  And thankful for your prayers!  Although, I did tell her doctors that she was pretty fussy over the last week.  Because Amelia can't speak for herself, the doctors measure their limits with her based on her reaction over the week.  If in that week, she is inconsolable, that warrants a trip to the doctor before the next casting.  She was consolable as long as she was being held.  She just couldn't seem to find it.  So, I brought this up.  Her doctors said that they pushed their limits with her a little bit more that week, so they agreed to back off a little.  That made me sad for her, but the longer Amelia has casts on, the less movement her muscles get and that's not good either.  But, they were okay in being a little easier on her this week.  She also had some sores on her feet where the bone by her big toe is pushing against the cast, so they put some extra cushioning and cream on that.  She still wants to be held all the time, but she is cooing and smiling and that is so great to see!  In fact, the doctor agreed that because she's becoming more aware of what's going on, that may explain her fussiness.

So, now we're on our way to the appointments today.  Praying for a good day!

Caught a smile!  
Decorating the casts

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