Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So blessed...

Thank you just doesn't seem to cover it, but here it goes...  First and most importantly, we want to thank so many of you that have covered us in prayer since this journey began.  There are so many times throughout my day that I stop and think, "I would never feel this Peace if it wasn't for all the prayers that I know are being said for us!"  It's indescribable!  Not to mention the encouragement and reminders that you are praying for us through your cards, calls, emails, whatever form they come, they certainly do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated!  I hope to eventually thank each one of you personally!    

Then there's the has been SO wonderful not to have to worry about meal planning!  We have been so very blessed in this way!  Then there are those of you that have called from the store offering to pick up any groceries we might need.  Thank you so much!!! 

A huge thank you to those that have been willing to take care of Elsie and Sam for us while we take Amelia to all her appointments.  Even to those who have just offered!  This is so important to us because we want to make this as easy on the kids as we can too.  

Thank you to those that have offered to come over and just hold our sweet Amelia so that I can take a break or spend some time playing with Elsie and Sam.  These offers are especially nice since I feel it's important she gets plenty of love these days!  :)   

For those of you that have gone out of your way to do these things (and more!) that have made our life less stressful and giving us the opportunity to focus on the important little people in our lives...THANK YOU!!!  

" cup overflows."  Psalm 23:5


Today, Amelia will have her second set of casts changed.  Please pray that the casts are doing their job!  Please also pray that while Amelia's feet and ankles are stretched to put the next set of casts on, that she will feel as little pain as possible.  This is also hard on mom and dad, so pray for us too that we are able to comfort her during the process.   

Sam wanted to share his blanky with "baby sister."

Amelia will also have some occupational therapy today on her hands.  At this appointment they will be making splints for her hands.  Pray that they will also do their job and that as Amelia grows, the process will help her gain full function of her hands (even though they don't anticipate this). 

This will be another full day for little Amelia; pray it goes smoothly for all of us! 

A friend shared this verse with me the other day.  This was her favorite verse when they also went through some difficult times with their baby.  Today he is a healthy, beautiful little boy!

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."  Hebrews 11:1

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